Supporting Children with their Grief

Creating Photo Books to Keep the Deceased Present for Young Grievers

Image Credit: Pixabay
My sister, Alison, with her son and my daughter. Image credit: author

The book provides glimpses into the life he had with her, a life that he no longer remembers.

Why Remembrance Books?

Screenshot of the book-making process. Image credit: author
Reading about Aunt Alison. Image Credit: Nate Stell
Corinne reading about her grandmother. Image credit: author

Book Making Tips

An example of using the present tense in the ‘My Mommy’ book I made for my nephew. Image credit: author
Image credit: author

Some Questions to Consider

Types of Books — Which Book to Choose?

My friend’s son working on his Kids Memory Book in honor of his grandmother. Image credit: author

Creating a remembrance book is not easy, but it can be a beautiful and meaningful way for children and families to stay connected to loved ones who are no longer here.

Navigating sibling & parent loss and trying to change the way people support each other in grief. Founder at

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