Carmella Spagnolo | 1927–2019

A Glimpse into the Reign of the Duchess of Dunwoodie

Carmella “Millie” Spagnolo, September 18, 1949 | Photographer unknown. Photo of the photo credit to author.
My sister, Alison, Nanny and me (and second cousin, Ricardo, in the background). Thanksgiving, 2012 | Image credit: author
Nanny and my dog, Abe, enjoying an afternoon at The View. July, 2012 | Image credit: author
Returning to her table at my cousin’s wedding after telling the DJ that the dance music was too loud. July, 2005 | Image credit: author
Enjoying a smooch from my dad, Tim, Nanny is seated next to him and her daughter/my mom, Marianne. Summer, 1996 (my best guess on year) | Image credit: author
Our family eagerly looks over to my sister as she opens her gift, but Nanny just can’t wait to see what’s inside that big box! Image credit: Author
Nanny with Moofloo (Unfortunately I never asked her how one spells Moofloo), her Cabbage Patch doll that she kept on her dresser for more than 30 years. She recently gifted this doll, still with its original lace gloves, to my daughter. March, 2018 | Image credit: author
The view from The View. According to Nanny, that view hadn’t changed much since 1927. July, 2012 | Image credit: author
Grandmothers unite on a joyous evening. Happily dancing with Grandma Rose, my maternal cousins’ paternal grandmother. July 2005 | Image credit: author

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